Getting Started
  • Driver Theory Test

  • First you must apply for and successfully pass a Driver Theory Test, before applying for a Learner Permit in the appropriate Vehicle Category.

    The Driver Theory Test is a computer-based test covering road safety knowledge and motoring legislation. Questions are based on categories including rules of the road, risk perception, eco-driving, hazard awareness and good driving behaviour. The test consists of 40 questions, 35 of which must be aswered correctly to pass.

  • You can book your test online at the DTT RSA website:
    Book Driver Theory Test Online
    Details of study materials are available on the DTT website. These include an online training option which provides access to Official Driver Theory Test learning material and sample tests and can monitor training progression.
    RSA Online Theory Test Training

  • Learner's Permit

  • Learner Permits are issued by the National Driver License Service. Before you begin to learn to drive on public roads in Ireland, you must hold a learner permit covering the category of vehicle you wish to drive. Once you have completed you theory test successfully, you can then obtain your Learner's Permit and book your lessons with Andy. A first and second learner permit usually lasts for two years each time while a third and subsequent permit lasts for one year. Please note that you cannot take a driving test for at least 6 months after getting your first learner permit, so plan accordingly.

  • Information on applying for first time Learner Permits or renewal of a Learner's Permit and the documents required, are available from the NDLS website. An NDLS Eyesight Report is also required with all first time Learner Permit applications.
    NDLS Learner Permit
    Learner Permit application forms available for download
    Learner Permit Application Form

  • Essential Driver Training

  • The Essential Driver Training course consists of twelve 1 hour lessons and is a mandatory course for anyone wishing to apply for a driving test with a first time learner's permit.

    Andy will record your progress in an official logbook. Each lesson will address different aspects of driver competency. So it is essential that you practice and prepare accordingly and Andy will offer you all the help that you need.

  • Detailed information on what each lesson covers and any questions you may have are addressed on the RSA's Driver Training section of their website
    Essential Driver Training Lessons